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60% decrease in downtime for the FAS

We equip our engineers and your installations with the best technology. Stressful FAS issues disappear, leaving you with time to focus on your priorities.

Build long-lasting relationships with a trusted partner

  • You have a dedicated customer support person, the same one if you are already a WeMaintain customer;
  • An engineer is dedicated to your site, he knows your building (almost) as well as you do.

Receive intervention reports:

  • Systematic: a report is automatically sent to you after each of our visits (inventory, maintenance, repairs, work);
  • Clear and accompanied by photos: all the operations carried out and any anomalies noted are explained to you.

Supervise your FAS in one place with hopviz!

Your customer area

Follow the status of each FAS in your portfolio in real time, and find the recorded history of each of the events in the same place.

Your remote notifications

Subscribe to notifications that are important to you in one click. With advanced information, you are better prepared to intervene and react faster.

A complete integration

Your dedicated engineer will also be able to receive notifications, and proactively accompany you during stressful events: alarms, faults etc.

Your partner every step of the way

Find out how easy maintenance of fire safety systems can be and add value to your building.
Condition check

1. Condition check

Each site and each piece of equipment has its own specification and history, hence the need to come on site to better understand the type of equipment to be able to make a fair and informed commercial proposal.

2. Transition

We can assist you in the decision-making process (presentation, exchanges with the purchasing department etc.) either in person or online. We can also be accompanied by a dedicated engineer to present you his vision of FAS maintenance.

3. Interventions & breakdowns

With engineers organised by geographical area, parts storage in the heart of London and dedicated customer support staff, you can benefit from a real responsiveness.

4. Works

We can carry out small jobs on your FAS up to their complete replacement. Our work team has more than 15 years of expertise in multi-branding.

5. Budget

By improving maintenance, we extend the lifespan of your FAS. Our teams are trained on all central brands. Unlike other maintainers, we don't push you to replace the FAS for our own sake.

Customer testimonials

A partner rather than a provider

The WeMaintain team was particularly attentive to our needs and extremely educational during the commissioning of the equipment! I had the feeling that I was dealing with a partner rather than a service provider, which is particularly pleasing!
Adrien Gremont
Associate director and co-founder, Pépinière 27

WeMaintain challenges the status quo

I think WeMaintain is a successful example of a player that has taken a close part of the market which has been working the same ways for many many years, and come there with a fresh pair of eyes, a technology set and a new set up that allows to redistribute the value chain and really challenge the status quo.
Charles Boudet
CEO, JLL France

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